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Linkrest is one of the professional adjustable sofabed mechanism, pullout popup sofabed mechanisms, bi fold sofa sleeper mechanisms manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our wide selection of high-quality and technically innovative folding and unfolding sofa bed mechanisms add value to leading upholstery brands both in domestic and international markets. Each mechanism has its own unique sets of features and benefits of elegance, comfort, durability and safety with excellent performance for residential and hospitallity use. Already for many years in the market wordwide, such as European, North  American, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia and Latin American areas. LINKREST is regarded as a reliable partner of the most important sofa bed mechanisms manufacturer. This thanks to the carefully quality control, our passion to focusing on innovations, our professional service and the possiblity to offer tailor-made solutions.

We regularly offer 8 series Bi-fold sofa sleeper mechanism, 6 series of Tri-fold sofa bed mechanism, 5 One-step or One-action Italian function sofa bed mechanism, 9 version of Pull-out Pop-up sofa bed mechanisms, 7 models of drawing-out sliding sofa bed mechanisms, four click clacks futon mechanisms, Five adjustable sofa bed mechanisms and  swivel sofa bed mechanisms. Our future is dependent on our passion for more value added and brand new designing, high quality products and professional service while meeting our finacial objectives. We have been investing in R&D,automatic production lines, and finding the best solution to reduce the cost and lead time for customer satisfaction. Raw material and transportation cost are on the rise, we have dedicated ourselves on finding technical solutions like our DIY mechanisms and redesigned construction to ensure customer satisfaction. We realized  that sofa sleeper played more and more important roles in the furniture industry, but we will think very hard for continuing impovements such as: how to make seat as comfortable as stationary seat and how to make sleeper as comfortable as bedroom bed; how to save delivery cost both for mechanism and finished sleeper; How to operate simply for end users both manual and power versions; How to meet all kind of stationary sofa designs, such as mid and high leg version etc; How to upholster finished sleeper simply to save labor costs and shipment lead time etc.

Sofa sleepers are good looking and comfortable these days, there is really no reason not to have a sleeper sofa in your living room,study room and guest room. If you live in a smaller residence then it is even more impotant. Sofa sleeper also plays a great role in hotels, motels, rental, office,hospital and RV beds.Not only they save the room space,but they give us a kind of low-carbon life.Linkrest is 5km away from downtown of Jiaxing city which is a historical city located in the center of 4 major cities in China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou), and 1.5h drive away from these cities.We are happy to serve you in the near future!



Linkrest Team

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