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Which folded sofa bed mechanism is best for the typical styles


How to choose from folded sofa bed categories?

If you need a thick & fixed backrest with a deep cavity (more than 800mm),you're better to choose a Bi-fold sofa sleeper mechanism.If the mounting depth is extra narrow less than 700mm,then you are better to choose Tri-fold sofa bed mechanism.If the mounting depth is close to 900mm then the best choice is the one-step mechanism.

Once you choose one of the folded catagories,you can follow step by step to choose the right specifications below:

  1. Mattress width,length,thickness and mattress materials. Spring mattress can be thicker than foam or latex mattress.

  2. Sofa furniture leg styles such as low leg,middle leg and high leg.Different leg height has different mechanism model.Our Bi-fold Tri-fold and one-step mechanisms all have low leg,middle leg and high leg versions.

  3. Deck material like polydeck,wooden slats and metal grid to meet different purpose.

  4. Make sure for residential use or commercial use.

  5. Or contact us for suggestion.

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