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Sofa Pull Out Sofa Bed Mechanism characteristics?


Sofa Pull Out Sofa Bed Mechanism is a sofa with spring internal spring. After pulling it out, it is a small -sized mattress or a large bed. Its back and seat surface can be connected with a locking mechanism. When the locking mechanism is opened, the back can be placed parallel to the seat surface to form a double bed. This folding sofa bed is also called dual -use sofa and bed. Double sofas and double chairs can also be converted into smaller -sized beds.

The structure of other types can also convert a soft bag furniture into a bed. For example, there are two sofa, and there is another set of spring under the sofa spring. The following set of spring can be dragged out of the back of the sofa, and the seat cushion with the seat surface cushion. Separate and spread a cushion on it to form a double bed.

Sofa Pull Out Sofa Bed Mechanism advantage

Sofa Pull Out Sofa Bed Mechanism advantage. Save space and can achieve a variety of changes. It can be used as a sofa or a bed with a lot of functions. Easy to move, save time and effort, sleep soft and comfortable on it. For small apartment families, placing a folding sofa bed at home is very economical. The sofa is separated from the sofa and bed, which saves space to maximize the space.
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