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Real High Leg Sofa Sleeper Mechanism 2500H series


High Leg Sofa Sleeper Mechanisms

Linkrest developped a new High Leg Sofa Sleeper Mechanisms or Sofa Bed Mechanisms this year,The new inovation will increase the leg from low leg 5cm to high leg 15cm,but the seat almost doesn't increase  with same thickness of mattress.

Please see the video:


The Value of High Leg Sofa Sleeper Mechanisms.

  1. No need to take seat cushion away to save time and space.
  2. Mattress will be far away from the floor for health and easy to clean the dust under the sofa bottom.
  3. wood frame interchangeable with normal Bi-fold sleeper mechanisms.
  4. High leg looks high eng but no need to change the original sofa design.

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