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What kind of mattress is best in a sleeper sofa?


Why is my sofabed so uncomfortable? Wrong mattress or poor quality sleeper mattress will cause the uncomfortable issues.

1. For poly deck base, because the polydeck is soft so you can chose foam mattress or inner spring mattress.

2. For metal grid or wooden slats base,foam mattress is recommended because slats and metal grid are hard but no sagging feeling. 

3. Some people still like inner spring mattress for traditional feel and breathability,but make sure the inner spring mattress quality is good enough to support the boby and seat. 

4. Memory foam is better to fit the sofa sleeper due to its ability to conform to the body and provide wonderful sipport.

5. Latex mattress is  also a very good option for sofa sleeper because it can offer excellent support and durability but it is expensive.

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