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                        2 Fold Slat Sofa Bed Mechanism

                        2 Fold Slat Sofa Bed Mechanism

                        LINKREST is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 2 fold slat sofa bed mechanism in China. This 2 fold slat sofa bed mechanism has good comfort. The angle iron frame is used for long cycle operation. The rivets are short and can move vertically to horizontally; The front longitudinal beam is made of heat-treated steel to prevent the frame from bending when people sit at the end of the bed from time to time; The joint has low friction and is easy to open and close.

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                        Our factory is a professional Slat Sofa Bed Mechanism manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale and buy the durable and advanced Slat Sofa Bed Mechanism. Our products are newest and fashion and all made in China, which have customized services.